WW1 Roll of Honour, Village School, Siddington & Capesthorne.

WW1 Roll of Honour, Village School, Siddington & Capesthorne.


In the Village Hall, Siddington, Cheshire.


Wooden panels on a wall in the main hall record the names and years of pupils of the local school who served in the first world war, and those who died. There are eight panels in two rows. Most, in dark wood, name those who served. The two in the centre of the top row are lighter in colour and name those who fell.


S C H O L A R S    W H O    S E R V E D    I N    T H E    G R E A T    W A R    1 9 1 4 - 1 9 1 8
Fred GUPWELL1878-87
Sydney WORTH1881-89
Walter BARBER1884-89
Francis PRINCE1884-91
George RUDLAND1885-93
James DEWAR1888-99
Peter BARNES1890-99
Noah BRADLEY1891-99
Harry BURGESS1891-99
James DAVIES1891-99

Fred POTTS1891-99
John SLATER1891-99
Edward BARNES1892-99
William BICKERTON1892-99
Thomas DALE1892-97
Pryce ROBINSON1892-01
John STANIER1892-00
James WORTH1892-01
Samuel BRADLEY1893-01
Albert DAVIES1893-99
Walter SLATER1893-01
Harry GOWING1894-00
Charles LANCASTER1894-01
Albert WORTH1894-02
Albert ASH1896-04

+     +     +
  Nathan BRADLEY1884-92  
  John BRADLEY1888-97
  Ernest DINGLE1899-06

Walter DAVIES1896-05
Albert OLDFIELD1896-03
Henry SLATER1896-05
Fred WILCOX1896-03
Harold MOSS1897-05
John J ROBINSON1897-05
Leonard SLATER1897-06
John BUCKLEY1893-06
Peter CHALLINOR1898-06
Frank DAVIES1898-99
Norman HULME1898-00
Leonard NORBURY1898-07
Arthur BARBER1900-08
Percy BICKERTON1900-08
Edwin J BOSTOCK1900-02

+     +     +
  Arthur BOON1901-08  
  George WOOD1902-10
  Cedric HARROP1907-08

Peter HOUGH1900-08
Horace STREET 1900-06
Reginald BARKER1901-07
Nelville BOSTOCK1901-02
Percy BUCKLEY1901-11
William DAVIES1901-09
Charles NORBURY1901-09
Frank SLATER1901-08
Herbert STANIER1901-10
Harvest WORTH1901-02
Wilfred ADSHEAD1902-10
Fred HEATH1902-10
Herbert JOHNSON1902-07
Enos SLATER1902-10
Harry WILCOX1902-07
Daniel BARRATT1903-10
Arthur DAVIES1903-13
Sydney ROBINS1903-07
Victor ROBINS1903-12
Federick BARBER1904-11
Joseph BARKER1904-12
Harry BLACKHURST1904-13
Joseph BRADLEY1904-12
Leonard GOODWIN1904-13
Frank ROBINSON1904-13

Harold TAYLOR1904-07
Edgar WOOD1904-13
Leonard WOOD1904-12
Edward COOPER1905-13
Bertram HIBBERT1905-14
Harry JOHNSON1905-07
Ernest EDWARDS1906-12
George HOLLINSHEAD1906-09
Joseph PEOVER1908-10
William PHILLIPS1908-09
Leonard HATHAWAY1909-10
Stanley ROGERS1911-12
+    +    +    +    +    +    +    +
+    +    +    +    +    +    +    +
+    +    +    +    +    +    +    +


The Roll of Honour records the names of pupils who served in the first world war, and those who died. It does not give the name of a school, however the memorial is located in a village hall which is shown on old maps as being an "Infant School". I assume this is the school in question. From its location it would have served the Siddington and Capesthorne areas.

Two years are given for each name. I assume these are the years the pupils entered and left the school. If that is correct, then the most senior pupil to have served in the 1914 - 1918 war was Fred GUPWELL who entered the school in 1878 and attended for nine years. The most junior pupil to have served was Bertram HIBBERT who left school in 1914 after nine years there.

There is another memorial in the same hall. It records the names of residents of Siddington and Capesthorne who served and who fell in the first world war.

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