Memorial to Sir Thomas Danyers of Bradley.

Memorial to Sir Thomas Danyers of Bradley.


In St Wilfred's Church, Grappenhall.


A brass panel on a wooden mount. Its inscription describes Sir Thomas's exploits at the battle of Crecy in 1346.


In   Memory   of   Sir  Thomas  Danyers
of Bradley within Appleton, Knight, who
died  AD  Mccclx.    He  was  present  at
the  Battle  of  Crescy,  the  xxvth day  of
May,      AD     Mcccxlvi,      and     there
rescued  the  Standard  of  Edward  the  Black Prince
from the hands of the enemy, and made prisoner the
Comte  de  Tankerville,  Chamberlain  to  the  French
King. To preserve the memory of so gallant a Soldier
this   monument   was   placed  here  AD  Mdccclxxvi.


This memorial was created in MDCCCLXXVI (1876), 530 years after the battle. The tale it tells may be more a legend than an eye-witness account. It says that Sir Thomas died in MCCCLX (1360). Some records show he died about 1354.

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