Carl's Cheshire Gazetteer

This gazetteer is intended to help genealogists locate places in the county of Cheshire. It lists towns, villages and hamlets, but not parishes. Information about parishes and churches can be found on the Cheshire Parishes web site.

There are two lists of place names. The first list is in the usual alphabetic sequence. Scroll down the list to search for a place.

The second is in reverse sequence. If you can't find a place in the first list then try the second. It may help when the place name you have been given is slightly incorrect. It lists the same places, but in reverse sequence, i.e. the last letter of the place name is sorted first, followed by the next to the last letter, etc. The sequence may appear confusing at first, but it is worth persevereing. The effect is to bring together all place names with similar endings.

The places listed are, or have been, in Cheshire. County boundaries have changed from time to time. Some of the places listed may no-longer be in Cheshire, or may have been added to the county in recent times. A few towns just outside the county boundary are also mentioned. They are used to help locate places within Cheshire, and are clearly identified as being outside the county.

For each place the list gives a one word description, an OS map reference and/or directions from a nearby better-known place.





N = north
S = south
E = east
W = west
NW = north-west
NNW = north-north-west
The directions include: direction according to the points of the compass, and distance in miles. Distances are give from the town or village center. Main roads and motorways are also mentioned. "2 miles SW of Congleton, on A34" means "on the A34 road two miles south-west of Congleton town centre". The word "just" means "within a mile". "just S of Chester" means "within one mile south of Chester city center".

The one word descriptions are an attempt to describe a place's character rather that its official designation. They are a mixture of personal opinion for places I know, and other sources for places I don't know. I have used a variety of sources. Some are old. Some descriptions may be out of date. In particular I am not sure that the word "township" has much meaning in a modern context. If you are an inhabitant, or know a place well, please let feel free to send me you own suggestion for a short description.

This gazetteer is work in progress. The descriptions and directions need tuning. There are plenty of places still to be added,

Carl's Cam