Memorial to the Munich Air Disaster, in St Luke's Church, Dukinfield, Cheshire.

Memorial to the Munich Air Disaster, in St Luke's Church, Dukinfield, Cheshire.


In St Luke's Church, Dukinfield, Cheshire.


An illuminated parchment framed and standing on a side table. It names the dead and the survivors of the Air Disaster at Munich on 6th February 1958.



February 6th 1958


Roger BYRNE (26) Captain and Full-back.

Walter CRICKMER United's Secretary.

Tom CURRY Trainer.

Bert WALLEY Coach.

Eddie COLMAN (21) Wing half.

Mark JONES (24) Centre half.

Billy WHELAN (22) Inside forward.

Tommy TAYLOR (25) Centre forward.

Duncan EDWARDS (21) Left half.

David PEGG (22) Wing forward.

Frank SWIFT (43) former Manchester
City and England goalkeeper and sports writer.

W T CABLE (42) Steward.

Geoff BENT (24) Full back.

B P MIKLOS Travel agency manager
who planned the trip.

William SATINOFF (49) Manchester
raincoat manufacturer

Henry ROSE (58) Daily Express Northern
Sports Editor and six sports reporters.

Tom JACKSON Manchester Evening News.

George FOLLOWS Daily Herald.

Archie LEDBROOKE Daily Mirror.

Eric THOMPSON Daily Mail.

Alf CLARKE Evening Chronicle.

Donny DAVIES Manchester Guardian.

Kenneth Gordon RAYMOND Chief Officer.


Matt BUSBY (48) Team Manager.
Shock, chest injuries, broken foot, cuts

Ray WOOD (26) Reserve Goalkeeper,
Bruises, flesh wounds.

Albert SCANLON (22) Outside left,
Shock and head injuries.

Ken MORGANS (18) Outside right.
Concussion, suspected fractures.

Dennis VIOLLET (24) Inside left
Shock and head injuries.

John BERRY (31) Reserve winger.
Shock, concussion and eye injury

Harry GREGG (22) Goalkeeper, slightly injured.

Bobby CHARLTON (20) Inside right.
Slight head injuries. Can leave hospital.

Billy FOULKES (26) Right back, Slight injuries.

Jackie BLANCHFLOWER (26) Centre half
Complicated arm fractures, Broken ribs, fractured
pelvis, internal injuries.

Frank TAYLOR (37) News Chronicle.

Peter HOWARD Daily Mail Photographer

Edward ELLYARD Daily Mail Photographer

Mrs Eleanor MIKLOS Flesh wounds,
concussion and shock.

Mrs Vera LUKIC (aged 24) Wife of
Yugoslav air attaché.

Venona LUKIC (her baby.)

Belosja TOMASCHEWIC Yugoslav consular official.

George RODGERS (35) Radio officer.

James THAIN Captain of the aircraft.

Rosemary CHEVERTON (24) Stewardess.

Margaret BELLIS (37) Stewardess.

Memorial to the Munich Air Disaster, in St Luke's Church, Dukinfield, Cheshire.


The airliner crashed killing twenty-three of its fourty-four occupants while attempting to take off in a snow storm from Munich's Riem airport after a short re-fuelling stop on a journey from Belgrade to Manchester.

The plane was carrying the Manchester United football team home from a match with Red Star Belgrade. Half the team died in the crash. In addition to the human tragedy, this was a massive blow to the team and their many fans. The Busby Babes were the current English League Champions and represented the cream of English football. They had defeated Belgrade, winning through to the semi-final of the European Cup. Ten years later a re-built team won the Cup.

The aircraft ran off the end of the runway, hit buildings, and burst into flames after its take off run had been retarded by slush on the runway. The German authorities, after a brief investigation, blamed ice on the wings, throwing the blame onto the pilot (who was responsible for the wings) rather than the airport management (who were responsible for the runway). It was ten years before the true cause of the accident was fully established.

The aircraft was an Elizabethan, British European Airways' re-branding of the Airspeed Ambassador type of aircraft. It could carry up to sixty passengers, and had two piston engines on a high wing. As with most high wing aircraft, the fuselage was close to the ground making it particularly vulnerable to slush thrown up by the wheels.

The initial investigation appears to have ignored vital evidence. At that time not a lot was known about slush on the runway and its retarding effects on aircraft. The runway at Riem was not well drained. Large pools were able to accumulate. The investigation was hampered by four inches of snow which fell between the time of the crash and the arrival of the investigating team. Confusion was also sown by minor engine probems which had caused two previous take-off attempts to be abandoned.

There may be a small error on this memorial. Most records show the Chief Officer's name to be RAYMENT rather than RAYMOND.

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