Crescent Road

Looking down the length of Crescent Road, Dukinfield. A double decker climbs the hill on its way from Ashton-under-Lyne to Hyde. Ashton, over on the Lancashire side of the river Tame, once had a forest of mill chimneys, now few remain. Half way down the hill a pub, The Old General, faces the entrance to Dukinfield Cemetery.

Chapel Hill

Crescent Road climbs to the top of Chapel Hill where Dukinfield Old Chapel and the Astley Arms stand side by side. A war memorial faces them across the road. Past the Astley Arms, two crescent shaped buildings once faced each other across the entrance to Town Lane, making an almost complete circle of buildings, but those buildings have now gone.

Crescent Road, nameplate

Dukinfield Old Chapel, noticeboard The Astley Arms
Dukinfield War Memorial (detail)

Carl's Cam