Stage-Coach Timetables in 1830's Cheshire

Here are the timetables for all the stage-coaches, and passenger-boats, running in Cheshire in the spring of 1830. If Ye Worlde Wide Webbe had existed in 1830, this page could have been used to plan real journeys.

The first map shows the routes within Cheshire. Click on a stopping place (black dot) to see a list of coaches stopping there, click on a coach in the list to view its timetable.

A map of stage-coach routes in Cheshire.

The second map shows the routes to and from Cheshire. Those in the deeper colour pass though Cheshire, their timetables are shown on this web site. The lighter colour shows a few useful connecting services, their timetables are not shown on this site.

A map of stage-coach routes from Cheshire.


  • The column on the left lists the stage-coaches and passenger boats stopping in each town, (click here if you don't see it). Cheshire towns are shown first (in alphabetic sequence), followed by other towns having direct travel links with Cheshire. Click on a service to see its timetable.
  • You can scroll through the timetables. Stage-coaches are listed first (in alphabetic sequence), followed by ferries and packet-boats. Each timetable shows times for the outward and return journeys, and the names of stopping places.
  • Most times are based on the 24 hour clock.
    13:30 means half past one in the afternoon, etc.
  • A few times are based on the tide. Some quays were only accessible at highwater. Ferries had to arrive and depart at that time, as did the coaches meeting them.
    –1:00 means one hour before highwater,
    +2:30 means two and a half hours after highwater, etc.
  • The timetables were re-constructed recently from information in period newspapers and commercial directories.
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